Micro Cap Value Equity

Overview & Approach

The Micro Cap Value portfolio speaks to investor demand for alpha in the “true” small cap market and in their desire for a private equity proxy that captures similar returns without the liquidity constraints. Micro Cap is an often underserved or underinvested part of the market which presents great return opportunities. The Micro Cap Value strategy is managed in similar fashion to our Small Cap Value strategy with the market cap range being the differentiating factor. Like our small cap value strategy, stock selection and conviction drives the portfolio returns. We have a seasoned group of investment professionals that have worked together for over 15 years. Adherence to a process combined with our long history managing institutional portfolios has contributed to very a consistent experience for our clients.

The investment process begins with robust idea generation. Our team of 4 stock pickers are looking for good businesses that are mispriced or misunderstood by the market. We believe our emphasis on good businesses gives us an edge over our value peers. Our investment team is looking to develop unique insights by researching companies in their area of expertise. Idea generation can come from several sources. Those sources include company meetings, management meetings, street contacts and long standing relationships developed by each team member.

Each stock is assigned to a sponsor or stock picker who is responsible for monitoring the progress of the business, adjusting the valuation target for that business if warranted, and ultimately recommending the sale of the individual stock. It is “open season” on questioning assumptions and demanding clarity. The portfolio is weighted by conviction which helps keep the portfolio “fresh”. New stock ideas have to be viewed as exceptional investments before being added to the portfolio.

The team leader, Jeff Petherick is responsible for the portfolio’s results. Jeff works closely with the Pete Cahill, the firm’s CIO and risk manager to ensure that the results are consistent with our process and that the results meets our clients’ expectations.

Micro Cap Value Equity
Inception Date1/1/2008
BenchmarkRussell Micro Cap Value Index
Holdings45-65 Securities
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